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“you’re here to learn” I’m here because it’s the fucking law

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You’re going to meet a boy who’s going to tell you all of these sweet things and then one day, he’s going to ignore you and pretend like you never existed. You’ll feel burning in your stomach and it’ll tear you apart inside. But, it’s okay to cry over him but do not ever let him ruin you.

Eventually you’ll meet a different boy who smokes cigarettes and has the rep of a “bad boy” but he’ll treat you like a princess. You’ll fall for him and he’ll just end up leaving you for something better. Tears will escape your eyes onto your pillow and you’ll feel heart broken and exhausted because you didn’t think it could happen again to you.

There are going to be many heart breaks, but what you need to do is pick yourself up from the ground and smile, even if you don’t want to. Every time a boy breaks your heart and hurts you, just remember that you’ll have to experience different people to know exactly what you’ll spend your life with.

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friend: “i can only bring one friend. wanna go?” 



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1. Chalcopyrite
2. Azurite
3. Chalcopyrite with Quartz
4. Spessartine on Smoky Quartz
5. Fluorite stalactite
6. Dioptase
7. Amethyst
8. Rainbow Aura Quartz
9. Dioptase
10.. Burmese Tourmaline 8.15 ct

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unanticipated changes made without warning to your social media site


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"Two types of people who can’t look at you in the eyes:
Someone trying to hide a lie,
And somone trying to hide a love."
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"1. “I love you” doesn’t mean forever
2. “I’ll never leave you” doesn’t mean shit
3. Don’t ever let someone touch every inch of your body because when they leave, no part of you will be free from them
4. Alcohol and cigarettes won’t take the pain away
5. Don’t show her your favourite spot because once she’s gone, heaven will feel like hell and all you will want to do is kill yourself
6. Don’t let her show you her favourite song because you will never be able to listen to it again
7. The blood dripping from your wrists won’t make her want to come back to you
8. Getting drunk and calling her at 3 in the morning won’t make her love you again"
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